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Order, Frequency and Time of Day to Apply Skin Care Products   


Products for skin care are divided into several categories that certainly can be confusing. If you do not know when to use the facial serum or anti-acne treatment, you may end up with adverse effects; therefore, you must see the order of application recommended by experts and go evenly with your daily skin care routine.


Gone are the days where your grandmother wore only a cream for face and body as now technology is so advanced that we can find dozens of facial products that confuse anyone. From eye creams, oatmeal masks and vitamins, remember that everything has its order, time and frequency. The following would be an ideal example of a beauty routine for you to covering the whole day.




You get the cream, milk, foams and even micro-exfoliating and wash your face every day, especially at night with cleansers.


Facial Serums


They contain nutrients that are necessary for a fresh and healthy skin. Apply after washing your face and dry as they are absorbed faster and serve as a base for the rest of your routine.


Most of them can be used every day but there are other types of serums to be used one day or a couple of times a week and during the night, for example, those containing vitamin C, whitening serums or to treat frown lines in mature skin.




Regardless of brand or components, these lotions are responsible for keeping your skin moisturized for hours. The PM cream should be thicker in texture and rich in ingredients. Do not forget that moisturizers are the primary step for face care.


Eye Creams

It is recommended to use twice a day. You can apply it with finger and give light tapping until completely absorbed.

Specific Treatments


It is advisable to use these products at night and according to your needs i.e. for wrinkles, acne, blemishes and pimples. Although its components are aggressive, keep your skin moisturized with the previous steps. For more information, you can also consult your dermatologist.


Wheat it is rain, sunshine or snowfall, you never skip suing the sunscreen in the morning. Use it at least 15 minutes before going out and spread it to neck, ears and chest.




It is the simplest way to achieve a smooth face instantly. Depending on the ingredients and textures, you can do no more than three times a week.




Everything will depend on the type of ingredients containing in your mask. You can apply a clay mask two to three times per week while moisturizing gel which refreshes your face up to four times per week without any problems.




Once a week or every 15 days is recommended, however, always consult your doctor before applying any harsh chemicals.


Skin Reviving Beauty Creams


The skin reviving creams are used at certain age or in particular conditions so you have to use them as per the recommended procedure. If you are having aging issues due to being in 30s or 40s, Revival Beauty Cream is worth trying and you can read Revival Beauty Cream Review for more information.


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